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The Rule of 7: Cooking at True Icon


Recipes at True Icon follow a bit of a philosophy. Below are the 7 commandments of True Icon Food. 1: Our recipes are always vegan.

2: They won’t be overcomplicated or make use of ingredients you couldn’t find at your local farmers market or supermarket. This keeps things cheap and convenient.

3: Our cooking is fitness based. Which means a high protein content, healthy fats and wholesome unrefined carbs.

4: We won’t use processed sugar in anything. Sweetness comes from fruit.

5: We will try to only use whole foods. In our weaker moments we might use some fake meats– like in our ‘Chicken’ Sate recipe.

6: We will try to give a breakdown of macro-nutrients and or calories (we may get lazy on this one at times).

7: Lastly, meals should take up the minimum amount of time to prepare and most importantly be downright irresistible.


If you have a recipe that you'd like featured that follows these rules, get in touch and we'll hook you up with a guest spot!


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