EthicalStores - a new ethical product marketplace

EthicalStores launched just last month and is aiming to become a new one stop shop for ethical goods, clothing, food and more.

Somewhat similar to renowned crafts site Etsy in its design, anyone can sign up to EthicalStores and list their product(s) on the website. The twist is, however, that all items are vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically superior to that which you'd find elsewhere. It takes a matter of minutes to get a product listed, where users can leave images and descriptions of the products they want to sell.

EthicalStores is a new online marketplace for ethical products

EthicalStores is a new online marketplace for ethical products

Customers can then find the products via search functions, or a featured products section on the front page of the site, as well as featured businesses that appear in the sidebar. 

In addition, EthicalStores is a non-profit organisation. Volunteers from all around the world have collaborated in making EthicalStores a reality. With a mission of promoting ethical products and lifestyles on a global scale, EthicalStores is aiming to grow and stock a wide variety of products for every area of one's life. At this point in time, the store is stocking anything from beauty products, to jams and preserves, and homeware items that would make great gifts for others... or a fitting addition to your own kitchen.

To find out more about EthicalStores, head to