Good Clothing Company

A new initiative by Kathryn Hilderbrand aims to shake up the fashion industry by altering supply chains. Currently, it can be very difficult for new entrants into the industry to get a small run of designs done, and even more so to find a supplier who they can trust and has decent ethical credentials.

Good Clothing Company aims to provide independent designers with a one-stop shop in Massachusetts where they can get small runs of their products made by Kathryn and her team.

Behind this objective is a strong set of principles. These include supporting and bolstering the Made in the USA movement, and therefore avoiding shady ethical and labour practices which are commonplace in many factories in developing countries. Additionally, Good Clothing Company will be operating using sustainable and green production methods. Finally, a key driver is the desire to support independent designers and combat the corporations that have cornered much of the fashion market.

Kathryn Hilderbrand in the Good Clothing Company HQ

Kathryn Hilderbrand in the Good Clothing Company HQ

An initiative such as this one would truly help free the fashion market up, offering opportunities to entrepreneurs and small companies to get their products made efficiently and to a high standard, and thus consumers will see a wider range of clothing that is made in an ethical and sustainable way. When it comes to fashion, both mainstream consumer attitudes and supplier practices need to change, but it may be easier in many ways to alter supplier practices and hope that consumer attitudes follow.

Good Clothing Company is almost ready to get going. They are currently working with three industrial machines, a large work/cutting table, racks and shelves, tailoring tools, and have their office furniture, but still need to raise additional funds for six more industrial sewing machines and so that they can hire four more stitchers. They're also looking to purchase an industrial cutter to speed up the production process, which will therefore bring the cost down for clients and new designers.

If you'd like to support this ethical supply initiative, they're running a campaign over the next month on Indiegogo.

You can also find out more from this Vimeo clip.