Minimo - an interview with founder, Izzie Whitfield

Minimo is a minimalist wallet that was funded on Kickstarter. The wallets are designed and made in the UK and are highly customisable, and both very comfortable and also stylish. We caught up with Izzie to find out about the wallets and funding through Kickstarter.


1. So what's Minimo all about?

Minimo is, essentially, a slim, user-friendly wallet that stops users carrying junk and is highly customisable.

2. Where did you come up with the idea?

Minimo came about after I lost my old wallet. It was bulky, faux leather and full of pointless cards, receipts and coins. That’s why I lost it - it literally slipped out of my pocket due to the weight, size and material. Having seen other minimalist wallets around, but not quite liking any of them enough to buy them, I decided to design my own.

Minimo wallets come in an array of different colours, and the individual components can be customised.

Minimo wallets come in an array of different colours, and the individual components can be customised.

3. What sets Minimo apart from the other minimalist wallets that are on the market at the moment?

I saw a lot of awesome slim wallets around and they often looked amazing, but every one I came across seemed to lack functionality. Removing cards, for example, often involved prying the wallet apart and awkwardly holding it open or removing all your cards each time. For that reason, one of the most important aspects of Minimo had to be functionality, without compromising on size or aesthetics. You can easily spread all your cards apart to find what you want, can split them into two compartments, see cards from either compartment or from both at the same time, you can carry cash and hold cash/other items under the band. On top of that, as it’s made of aluminium, it helps to protect against RFID data theft. Minimo also comes in 15 different colours and each of the four components can be whichever colour you’d like, giving over 20 thousand (so I’m told!) colour combinations.

I looked at issues that other slim wallets had and found ways to overcome them. For example, with one similar wallet, users were complaining that their cards were scratched when sliding them out. All the interior surfaces of Minimo are highly polished.

The band also helps to prevent the wallet sliding (or being taken) out of your pocket.

4. Your Kickstarter was tremendously successful, coming in at well over the goal. What made you choose Kickstarter as a platform to get Minimo going?

It wasn’t much contest for me. I’d had a look at other sites but Kickstarter was by far the most popular, cleanest and most user friendly looking and clearly ran a lot of product design projects.

5. Do you have any advice for any budding Kickstarterers? What tips do you have to help them to get their projects funded?

Be as open and honest as possible. Backers are putting their money towards unknown people and new products (or films/businesses etc) so deserve to understand what’s going on. I encountered a few manufacturing issues along the way which, in turn, caused delays. I kept my backers completely in the loop with regular updates, telling them, honestly, about the problems that were occurring and was met with support and kind words. I’ve seen other project creators face problems and go silent which leaves backers frustrated and confused.

6. What's next for Minimo?

I’m going to further develop the wallet before anything else. I’d like to perfect manufacturing techniques and possibly introduce some new colours and different types of plates. In terms of new products, I have a few ideas but there’s nothing set in stone. The general idea, however, will be giving a new edge to existing, every day products.

For more on Minimo, check out their website over at where you can find out more about the wallets and order one yourself.