Homeless bodybuilder Jacques Sayagh

jacques sayagh.jpg

"Bodybuilders are futurists. They dare everything. It's a world that I like." - Jacques Sayagh

Jacques is 50 years old. He's homeless on the streets of Paris. And he competes in bodybuilding competitions.

The amazing video that surfaced a few days ago shows Jacques' day to day life on the streets of Paris. With his pet dog and pan full of loose change, he initially looks just like any other homeless person on the streets of any capital city in the world. It's only when you look closely that you see things are different.

Alongside what few items Jacques owns are a handful of calisthenics apparatus. Resistance bands for arm workouts, push up handles to work on his chest, and belts suspended from a nearby lamppost allowing him to do pull ups and leg raises.

Next to his pan and his dog's kibble are a handful of supplements, including some protein powder and some creatine, along with a protein shaker.

Jacques reveals his physique, which is not dissimilar from many of the pros you'd see on stage at a bodybuilding competition. He packs a lot of muscle and is absolutely shredded. He can barely pinch the stomach fat from his abs.

Onlookers walk by, amazed by Jacques effort and physique. Children run up to squeeze his biceps, and adults stop by to congratulate him. After all, it isn't common to see a homeless person training, let alone reaching the levels of physical prowess that Jacques has.

He speaks of his past. A history riddled with drug abuse, drink, prostitutes, run ins with knife-wielding thieves. The kind of seedy underbelly of Paris visible in films such as La Haine or French crime series Spiral. Yet Jacques speaks of his spirit, and how it's stronger than that.

Yet it's neither himself, nor the streets that drive him to do what he does. 

"I have grandchildren. I don't want them to think that their grandfather is an asshole. I want them to be proud of me. That's all that I want." And to that end, we think Jacques succeeds.

Jacques Sayagh - SDF Bodybuilder à Paris (Homeless Bodybuilder in Paris)