Ben and Jerry's vegan ice cream is coming

Kings of the ice cream world, and of doing business differently, Ben and Jerry's have announced they are working on vegan ice cream flavours.

FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) - a charity organisation that works to end the use of animals in farming - has been badgering Ben and Jerry's in the wake of their annual free cone day which occurred on 14th April 2015. A slew of campaigners have been shown holding placards outside Ben and Jerry's establishments saying why they want vegan ice cream on the menu, and FARM has also been pushing the agenda on Twitter and via a petition.

Ben and Jerry's have responded though. And it's good news.

Yup, vegan Ben and Jerry's ice cream is on its way

Yup, vegan Ben and Jerry's ice cream is on its way

At this point there's no confirmation on what flavours will be veganised, or how long it'll be until we see vegan Ben and Jerry's on the shelves, but we hope to see some old favourites like Cookie Dough and Phish Food soon.

To support FARM's ongoing campaign to push for vegan options, check out and sign their petition to Ben and Jerry's, which currently sits at over 21,000 signatures.