Vegan bodybuilding team take on Naturally Fit Supershow

Plant Built are a team of vegan bodybuilding athletes based across the US who are aiming to take vegan bodybuilding into the mainstream.

The team started about a year ago, and is comprised of many big names in the vegan bodybuilding world, such as Ed Bauer, Torre Washington, and Derek Tresize to name but a few. The team recently got together for their first show of strength (har-har) by taking on the competitors at the Naturally Fit Super Show (as the name suggests, a steroid and drug-free competition) based in Austin, Texas.

This was their first 'Plant Built, assemble' moment as a group – the first time they had all got together to take on a joint challenge. What would have been cool is if they showed up at the event and gave vegan bodybuilding a presence. Instead, they did far better than this, with many of the team dominating their entry classes. In fact, of the seven divisions they entered, they came out on top in five of them. Ed Bauer and Chad Byers also placed 2nd and 3rd out of 24 competitors in the men's fitness model competition. Out of hundreds of competitors, 10 overall winners were chosen for the event – 4 of these were vegans.

This achievement is early days for the Plant Built team, but is definitely an exciting taster of what's to come, and is proof that vegan bodybuilding isn't an oxymoron. Keep an eye out on to see what the team's plan is for the future.