Modern Life Is War - Fever Hunting

Modern Life Is War
Fever Hunting
Deathwish Inc.

Modern Life Is War were one of the defining bands of my youth. My Love. My Way. still sends me back to the summers my friends and I spent going to every show we could, listening to every band we could. We didn’t know it then, but we were looking for answers, we were defining who we were and who we were to become. Dead Ramones was the soundtrack to more than one of my summers and each MLIW album became a part of my life as much as my friends and family. If I were to listen to their back catalogue with fresh ears, I’d just hear an above average hardcore band. But I listen with nostalgia and affection. I lived in those albums, I found positivity and I found cathartic solace and I still do.

For those like me who were of the right age and mind-set to be so affected by MLIW, the release of Fever Hunting 6 years on is a trip. I reflect on how far we’ve come; how we moved on or moved away, we stopped hanging out, we stopped just listening to punk and hardcore. And yet still MLIW has the power to stir something in us.

So I won’t try to objectively review Fever Hunting. Musically, it’s probably their best album. Lyrically it’s up there. It doesn’t touch me quite how their past releases did but I think that’s to be expected; the albums of your youth have a glow you rarely feel in your 20’s.

Like Have Heart, Converge, Give Up The Ghost and Black Flag, love them or hate them, every fan of hardcore has an opinion of MLIW. Fever Hunting won’t to win over those who didn’t get the band the first time around. It probably won’t even make it onto my albums of the year list. All I know is I’m glad it’s here and I’m glad music has the power to effect people as profoundly as MLIW has me.