What is True Icon?

We live in a society dominated by negative, immoral, and damaging ideals. Our primary motivator is greed; we desire to be materially better off than we are currently. This does not drive our actions on a day-to-day basis – we still live by animalistic motives such as hunger, sexual desire, and the pursuit of pleasure. But it drives our community and our society as a whole. We educate ourselves in institutions, nearly always for the sole purpose of a financial pay out in the future. We work jobs we hate in order to earn a wage. Our health suffers as we gorge on chemically-laden foodstuffs, and fail to maintain activity levels that will keep our bodies from self-destructing. We are failing the most basic moral codes, as we turn a blind eye to the suffering of those that are not in our immediate vision. And our cultural values are forever slipping towards primitivity, as we worship those at the pinnacle of this rotten system – the false icons.

But something is changing. Slowly but surely people are becoming conscious of the system they live within. Economic failure, and the looming environmental disaster have made us question this system as it stands, and humanity's place on this planet. People are becoming aware and acting upon this in every way from direct activism to the choices they make as consumers. Every single day, I meet and discover more people that are turning their back on the status quo. These people are lovers of life, but they are dissatisfied. Through their actions, they are changing this world, one day at a time. They are part of this world, but they will not accept it as it stands. They are not motivated by the typical ideals of our society, but by 'doing the right thing' through whatever means they have available. True Icon is my dedication to them, as well as my opportunity to add to that change.

True Icon is a hub of information, discussion, and news on topics ranging from the personal pursuit of health to the global quest of ceasing suffering for every being on this planet through developments in technology, industry, and activism. It is a celebration of positivity, from personal happiness and betterment, to the aim of changing the world for the better. We will also be launching an online shop in the near future stocked with products that are making a net positive impact to the world.

Live well. Remain true. Become the icon.