"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come."

True Icon's conception was in 2012, out of growing frustrations with the fashion and clothing industry.


Fast-fashion is at its peak, and the term 'consumer' has never been so apt as when applied to shopper's current habits. Buying garment after garment at the expense of people elsewhere in the world, and the planet itself, there is no denying that our culture needs to change.

Meanwhile, there are numerous designers, brands, and products doing things the right way, but these are often hard to find.

True Icon's purpose is to make a dent on the fashion industry, no matter how small. By creating ethical and sustainable clothing, as well as acting as a marketplace for those who are already doing so, we truly believe we can revolutionise the way that we look at style.


In addition, we have True Icon Magazine. We want to bring you news and discussions on culture, fashion, fitness, technology, politics and food - the things we love - all with an ethical twist.

We are always looking for writers, so if you're interested in contributing then get in touch.


True Icon is not a company in the traditional sense. We are not about profits and shareholders.
We are about an idea, and our time has come.